Here’s an important reminder about garage door opener safety from Upright Door Service Inc.

There is no doubt that garage door openers offer convenience and a certain measure of security to your home. However, as with any other electronic equipment around the home, serious shock injuries or even death can occur if these devices are mishandled and safety warnings are not heeded.

Garage Door Safety TIps - Electricity Warning, Durham Region ON


If you spot a problem, think safety first and contact a trained professional to do the repair work. At Upright Door Service Inc, our trained technicians can get your garage door system working safely and efficiently again. Contact us today.


Improperly adjusted opener force settings and safety eyes, falling doors, uncontrolled release of torsion spring, and ill-equipped do-it-yourselfers continue to be the most common causes of injuries from garage door systems.

Follow these steps to keep you and your family members safe around your garage door opener:

  • Make sure your garage door opener meets safety regulations.
  • Teach your children about garage door safety.
  • Know how to perform a garage door opener safety test.
  • Maintain your garage door system regularly.

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