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Garage Door/Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door and Opener Installation
Garage doors take up more than half of the architectural curb appeal of your home. Call today and let us help you add value to your home and dramatically enhance its appearance by replacing your existing garage door.


We can:

1 – Assess your new garage door needs

2 – Recommend options

3 – Install garage doors/garage door openers


Our technicians follow manufacturer’s specifications for garage door installation, and once installed, ensure that garage doors, hardware and equipment operate the way they should. We demonstrate safe operation of doors and openers, and dispose of old garage doors.


Our Garage Door and Opener Installation Services Include: 

  • New Door Installation
  • New Opener Installation
  • Aluminum Capping of Garage Door
We are ready to install your garage door!
  • “I came home today and was thrilled when I drove up the driveway. The garage door looks great! Thank you so much!”
    Paula - Port Perry, ON