Have a problem with your garage door? Think you can fix it on your own? We don’t recommend it. Leave garage door repairs to the professionals.


While not impossible for a skilled do-it-yourself-er to replace garage door parts on their own, we STRONGLY recommend that you hire  knowledgeable, trained professionals to do garage door repairs. Especially when dealing with parts that are under extreme tension – such as torsion springs. Many people are seriously injured every year as a result of attempting repairs without proper training and equipment. It is ESSENTIAL to have the right tools and know-how to do the job safely.

Garage Door Safety Tips Leave it to the Professionals, Durham Region ON


If you are experiencing a problem with your garage door, give us a call. Upright Door Service Inc is an accredited garage door dealer and a member of the International Door Association. Our technicians are qualified professionals with the expertise to spot and correct potentially dangerous situations. We’ll get your door in working order so you and your family can enjoy years of reliable convenience, and most importantly, safe operation of your garage door.

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