Explore C.H.I. Recessed Panel Door Series in this blog.

Durable. Reliable. Low maintenance. Weather protection. Traditional.

C.H.I.’s Recessed Panel Door Series is worth considering if these characteristics are what you’re looking for in a new garage door.  This door design is a throwback to the look of traditional wood frame and panel doors.

So what’s the difference between the traditional wood frame panel doors and C.H.I. Recessed Panel Doors?

They possess the durable, reliable, low maintenance aspects of steel construction.

Furthermore, they are equipped with polyurethane insulation. This means superior weather protection.

Watch this brief about the CHI Recessed Panel Door Series.

Custom Design your C.H.I. Recessed Panel Door

Embossed with a natural wood-grain finish, these attractive doors can be designed to suit your preferences.

First, choose between long panel, short panel, or a combination of both long and short.

Next, choose from 3 colour options: White, Almond or Sandstone.

Additionally, consider windows. Adding windows brings natural light into your garage and architectural appeal to the door. There are a number of glass options to choose from.

CHI garage door recessed panel, uxbridge ont
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